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Coding Club

Coding Club Coach: Ms. Mary Stevens

Coding Club meets each Tuesday 3:30-4:30 in Ms. Stevens’s classroom. We will use Skill Struck to learn new computer coding skills. Coding Club will run from November through May and students are expected to attend every meeting. Coding Club members will present their completed Coding Club projects and will have the opportunity to compete at the #KleinCodes Expo in May.

Coding Club members are expected to follow all expectations set in the Klein ISD student handbook as well as the Coding Club rules and expectations. All Coding Club students must maintain passing grades in all subject areas and have only E's and S's in conduct to participate in Coding Club. Excessive absences will result in members being dismissed from Coding Club as described in the Coding Club application. Any members that do not follow the rules and expectations will be dismissed from Coding Club. 

Please contact Ms. Mary Stevens for more information regarding Coding Club.